Meanwhile, at Murdoch’s London Times…

The Independent reports on typewriter sounds in the London Times newsroomtype

A journalism professor and former London Times staffer points out:

Typewriters disappeared from newsrooms in the late 1980s.shift There will be very few people there who remember the noise of massed bands of typewriters in the newsroom. They will have to find out whether a crescendo of noise will make reporters work better or faster.

“This is just a playful experiment thought up by our Editor to generate some of the excitement of newsrooms,” a Times spokesperson tells me. “Some reporters are bemused and some like the hat-tip to our historic past now that digital deadlines are so fluid. We are very much a digital newsroom, see here, but we’re also one of the oldest newspapers in the world – 230 years in January – and we were the first to use The Times in the title, so we’re proud of our heritage.”

* Murdoch’s UK paper adds the sounds of Fleet Street to its newsroom (
* How about adding wire service teletype machine bells, too? (

Update: Check out the photo of the speaker pumping out the typewriter sounds – and don’t miss the replies to the tweet, including: “Why don’ t they just pipe in the noise of screaming tortured souls in hell?”