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CNN producer Kim Segal is leaving the network to work as an attorney in the Broward County Public Defender’s Office. In a farewell “love letter” to her employer, she writes:

Oh how I long for that wonderful time when news was the star. Even then, some folks still called us Chicken Noodle News but more often we would hear Communist News Network.cnn This was because of Ted. (Remember him? His name is still on a few sister networks, for now anyway) But Ted’s relationship with Castro did not influence our coverage and the things people said didn’t bother us because we were a very proud bunch of journalists. And a lot of journalists there were. Those of us pounding the pavement outnumbered the people behind desks pushing paper. There were no pundits or opinions just a 24 hour quest for objectivity and balance.

Read the full post on her Facebook wall. (I’ve reprinted her “love letter” after the jump for readers who aren’t on Facebook.) Read More


* Also: The making of NYT Magazine’s August 31 “Abortion by Mail” cover (

The Washington Post reports this week that it warned in 2003 that the Knee Defender device is “a recipe for air rage.”defend

What the paper doesn’t report is that in 2004 it called the Knee Defender a “solution” to the problem of reclining airline seats. From that story:

* SNAG: The guy in the seat in front of you has reclined his seat so far back your knees are in your face.

* SOLUTION: If the guy won’t compromise, whip out your Knee Defender (, a plastic device that snaps onto your tray table and controls how far your nemesis can put his seat back.

The Post’s decade-old mention is being used as an “endorsement” for Knee Defender.

* “The Post noted presciently in 2003: ‘It’s a recipe for air rage.'” (
* “If the guy won’t compromise, whip out your Knee Defender” (

Contently sent an email Wednesday night with the subject line, “Why You Should Work for Free.” (It was attached to this story.) I’m guessing it heard from some freelance writers because less than an hour later it followed-up with this:


* Writing for free can pay off. But only for a select few (

— h/t Nicole Bleier

Letter to Romenesko
My name in Chris Herries. I was mentioned in a recent piece by Bloomberg News entitled “Hook­up Culture at Harvard, Stanford Ebbs Amid Assault Alarm” by John Lauerman.

Chris Herries

Chris Herries

The content of the original Bloomberg piece regarding my views on the concept of victim blaming were highly misleading. The article made it seem like I endorsed the practice of victim blaming when the opposite is true. After I raised concerns with Bloomberg News, they did a fantastic job reevaluating my position, listening to what I had to say and coming up with an acceptable edit. That edit more accurately reflects both my present views and my two previous articles on victim blaming written in 2012 and 2013. My latest piece for the Stanford Daily sums up the situation fairly well, and is worth the read.

My frustration now rests with three additional articles that fed off the Bloomberg piece. I wrote to .Mic regarding at least two pieces that have appeared on their website, entitled “Worried About Coming Off as a Creep?” and “One Stupefying Dumb Quote Sums Up Rape Culture in America” by Elizabeth Plank and Jared Keller, respectively. Both these articles contain content regarding me and my alleged views on victim blaming that is blatantly false./CONTINUES Read More

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