Morning Report for August 28, 2014

* What James Foley meant to us, by the GlobalPost staff. ( | Foley’s “E-Team” film to air on Netflix in October. (
* “The worst part of my life is newspapers are still alive,” says Maine Gov. Paul LePage.asshat ( | Earlier: LePage tells a flight simulator to blow up the Portland Press Herald building. ( | There’s a lively discussion about LePage on my Facebook wall. (
* It was USC Athletic Department’s social media director who put out the bogus story about Josh Shaw rescuing his young nephew. ( | “USC regrets the posting of the initial story.” (
* The London Times doesn’t just have typewriter sounds; “we brought back green visors; eye shields,” a staffer tells NPR. (
* Deadline’s Mike Fleming Jr. on yesterday’s Nikki Finke stories: “I cannot remember observing a personal attack as reprehensible, mean spirited and disgusting as this.” (
* “I think the 6:30 news is more important than ever,” says new ABC “World News Tonight” anchor David Muir. ( | Diane Sawyer says goodbye to “World News” viewers with little fanfare. (
* Catching up with the woman who wrote the syndicated sex column “Ask Isadora.” (
* Triad City Beat, a six-month-old North Carolina weekly, tries to raise $10,000 on Kickstarter. (
* Binge-reading at The Awl: “We are trying an experiment in which we publish all of the day’s stories at once.” (
* David Sessions: At one time I would have mocked Harper’s publisher John MacArthur‘s anti-Internet/pro-print views; now I agree with him. (
yo* Washington Post and a few other news outlets are trying out Yo. (
* What? We can no longer trust the tabloids’ coverage of celebrity couples?! (@ditzkoff)
* Ads are coming to Quora next year. “This is a company,” the CEO notes. “It needs to be sustainable.” (
* Hey, Milwaukee TV station, “Theresa” really isn’t that hard to pronounce. (@WISN12News)