Morning Report for August 29, 2014

* Jon Stewart: “Look, there’s a lot of reasons why I hate myself — being Jewish isn’t one of them.” (
* Om Malik would like to see Google create tools just for journalists. (
* Chicago Tribune gets a Kaiser Family Foundation grant to help pay its Obamacare-beat reporter’s salary. (
* Chelsea Clinton quits NBC News. (
* Betsy Fischer Martin leaves NBC News after 23 years. (@mcalderone)
* Mathew Ingram: “Is this the best of times for journalism? No. But it’s hardly the worst of times either.” (
* Who’s behind the site that posted unflattering photos of Nikki Finke? “Everyone in this town is a suspect,” says a Hollywood Reporter editor. (
* JOBS: The Dodo is looking for an editor and a staff writer. …and other openings. (Romenesko Jobs)
* A Washington Times reporter FOIAs a WUSA9 reporters’ FOIA after a story credit dispute. (
* A Minneapolis Star Tribune sports columnist says his paper’s owner “set a high standard on Tuesday for the most-foolish comment to be offered by a Minnesota sports figure.” (
* Michael Wolff apparently felt he had to watch “beheading after beheading” to write this column. (
* The Orlando Sentinel may have to find a new home; the city has big development plans for the downtown property. ( | (
* A Texas sheriff says only a Spanish-language TV station is allowed in a robbery suspect’s hearing. (
* Gawker gets great numbers – while its senior editorial staff is in Budapest. (
* Reddit invites you to check out its “shittiest” content. (
* The 2014 Equal Voice Journalism Fellowships and Scholarships winners have been named. (