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Here is Lee Zion’s farewell memo to colleagues at the Manchester (CT) Journal Inquirer:

Good night, and good luck
August 31, 2014 at 11:43 p.m.

To the staff of the JI:

Something I wanted to warn you all about is long sentences. When sentences exceed 30 words, any number of bad things can happen. Subjects and verbs that don’t agree, tense changing in the middle of the sentence, pronouns that don’t have antecedents, and so on. But the biggest problem of all is long sentences have a knack for creating unintended silliness. I found plenty of long sentences in my time here, and three of these led to extreme wackiness. This is what I found while proofing pages at the Journal Inquirer:

May 20: “A local man was arrested early Friday morning on charges that he stole a truck from a local company after police located the vehicle in Bristol with his cellphone inside, according to a police report.”

This sentence is 35 words, and it says the suspect stole the truck AFTER police located the vehicle. Can’t you just see the master thief planning and plotting as he waits for the police to locate the vehicle, so then he can steal it? It sounds like something out of the “Lupin III” cartoon show!/CONTINUES Read More