Indiana Daily Student partners with NYT Now

ids2Indiana University’s Daily Student newspaper announced today that “we’ve joined forces with the talented developers of NYT Now to bring our readers a personalized experience when they use the app.”

When you log into the app with your “” email, what you need to know from the IDS will be right there alongside with what you need to know around the world.

I asked the Times if it has NYT Now partnerships with other college newspapers. “For now we’re trying this out with just the Indiana Daily Student,” says spokesperson Linda Zebian.

IDS editor-in-chief Michael Majchrowicz tells me that the Times pitched the idea to him mid-summer.

“Moving into the fall semester, we had just introduced a new website and CMS, and we were going to have our hands full either way,” he says. “After discussions with the NYT Now team and IU Student Media Director Ron Johnson, I decided this was too good of an opportunity to pass up. …I was a regular user of the app prior to the partnership, and I’m excited for what’s ahead.”

* Indiana Daily Student announces a NYT Now partnership (