‘Chuck Todd sees which way the wind is blowing’ regarding marijuana decriminalization

Chuck Todd, the new moderator of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” did a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) today and told his audience:

* “I think the country is ‘ready’ now” for an openly gay presidential candidate.

* “I hate the fact that I have two ONE syllable names actually. So I’ve made sure both my kids have multiple syllable first nameschuck so they aren’t burdened with everyone always deciding they have to say both names together in a fast way. I’ve been “ChuckTodd” with every coach or teacher during my childhood.”

* “I think you can’t dismiss all anonymous sources… I try to be careful and only use them when it’s about enhancing report that’s important to share on a larger issue.”

* “I see first hand how hard Luke [Russert] works on the toughest but most fruitful political beat in the country – Capitol Hill. Judge him by his work not by what others claim to think or say.”

* “I think the next presidential election is likely to have both nominees end up supporting decriminalizing and it’s going to take voters to decide whether they want those candidates to pledge to declassify marijuana from a schedule 1 controlled substance if they win. I don’t think this administration is ready to do that (maybe I’m wrong) but if the candidates running in 2016 are asked to pledge on it, I wouldn’t be surprised if most agree or come close to agreeing.”

After the AMA, I got this email from Marijuana Majority chairman Tom Angell: “It says a lot that an obsessive political observer like Chuck Todd sees which way the wind is blowing [regarding marijuana decriminalization]. It’s only a matter of time before more politicians catch up, and his prediction about 2016 candidates endorsing reform seems right on.”

* I’m Chuck Todd, the 12th moderator of “Meet the Press” (reddit.com)