Morning Report for September 5, 2014

* What’s next for the fired New York Times executive editor: “Doing the kind of Jill Abramson work of investigating and telling important stories,” preferably “at the highest quality kind of magazine.” (
* Queens University athletics department punishes the student newspaper for honest reporting. Without press credentials, photographers now have to shoot from the bleachers. ( | (
* Hearing a voice actor read one of your stories “is a special kind of torture,” writes Rebecca Greenfield. (
* Ken Doctor on Jeff Bezos hiring Fred Ryan as Washington Post publisher: “This looks like a case of a disruptor being hired to run a legacy operation, and — hopefully — bring some of that thinking, and mojo, to it.” (
* [Right] Washington Post’s Caitlin Dewey: “Okay Facebook, targeted ads have gone too far.” (@caitlindewey)
* Joe Scarborough is joining “Meet the Press” as a senior political analyst. (
* “I did not come back to bleed Time Inc.,” says CEO Joe Ripp. (
* Do we really need impartial journalism anymore? (
* “Plagiarism has arrived at NPR,” an reader claims. Not quite, says the radio network’s ombudsman. (
* Tribune Media, currently an over-the-counter stock, hopes to move to a major stock exchange. (
* Bring back personal blogs – but not the term “blogosphere.” (
* Michael Bloomberg tells Bloomberg LP employees: “Unsurprisingly, the most frequent question I’ve gotten this morning is ‘how are things going to change?’ The simple, honest answer is that they mostly won’t.” (
* Poynter points out an error in New York Times’ Joan Rivers obit,times but take a look at this Rivers headline screw-up on the front page of Poynter’s newspaper. ( | Tampa Bay Times page one: ( | Earlier: Tampa Bay Times copy desk hit hard in latest round of layoffs. (
* Is 24-year-old Daniel Lippman the next Mike Allen? (
* Laid off Providence Journal columnist Bob Kerr delivers his farewell over the radio. (
* Noted: Nikki Finke‘s career began on Capitol Hill. (