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…and then the audience gave the Apple Watch a standing ovation. | We’re apparently going to have to wait until 2019 to get a “thin and stunning” Apple Watch.

* Apple Pay mobile wallet unveiled ( | …Apple Watch, too (

Letter to Romenesko
gqFrom JAY MARIOTTI: In its September edition, GQ magazine all but accuses me of extortion in an absurdly false report (at right) — claiming I used a camera-phone video of an ESPN executive to coerce the network into giving me assignments. It is a lie that would be laughable if not so damaging and such a reckless disregard of the truth. The author of the GQ story, from the trashy Deadspin site, never bothered to contact me or my representatives about this allegation and apparently didn’t bother to check a Deadspin story about the matter that never connected me to a camera-phone video.

So, we contacted GQ.

And quickly, GQ issued a retraction/editor’s note that appears today in a revised story in the magazine’s online edition. [Mariotti says he’s been told by GQ it’s going to be posted today.]

I’ve long been disgusted about false, fabricated and poorly reported/researched stories by irresponsible media outlets concerning me, my media career and a fallacious 2010 legal case. Even after its retraction, GQ still doesn’t have the ESPN story anywhere close to its accurate form; I also see untruths about my legal case and career. But at least GQ has linked to my original and accurate column about the ESPN executive, which I wrote in July only to correct Deadspin’s typically erroneous interpretation of events that took place in January 2012./CONTINUES Read More

* Could TMZ win a Pulitzer for its Ray Rice coverage? “Why not?” writes a veteran Pulitzer-watcher. (Joe Strupp) | No surprise that an “outsider” like TMZ posted the video. ( | “Fox & Friends” spends 13 seconds addressing yesterday’s “take the stairs!” comment. (
* Richard Prince: “Few in the mainstream media are rushing to embrace TMZ’s newsgathering tactics.” (
sun* Front page of today’s Baltimore Sun. (
* NPR Standards and Practices editor: “Let’s keep this simple. There’s nothing vague about the word ‘confirm.'” (
* New York Times Baghdad bureau chief Tim Arango did a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) yesterday. (
* We have a winner! Millionaire Arianna Huffington convinces the public to give her $40,000. (Actually, her goal was exceeded.) (
* Ad in the Minneapolis Star Tribune: Won’t somebody please buy the St. Paul Pioneer Press? (
* Did any Penn State students make their 8:00 classes this morning? (@Will_Bunch)
* Scott Pelley: News viewers need a trusted source that will tell them “if what they heard today [on the Internet] was true.” (
* New York Times unveils its “revolutionary college index.” ( | US News releases its college rankings, with Princeton in the top spot. ( | Claim: The rankings are terrible for students. (
* “Why am I doing this?” asks new daytime chat host Meredith Vieira. “What was I thinking?” ( | Lloyd Grove‘s verdict: “All in all, a jam-packed, fun-filled, tear-streaked debut.” (
* Vanity Fair insists that editor Graydon Carter “has absolutely no plans to retire.” (
* David Krajicek: “Ferguson affirmed Twitter’s position as the piston that drives the engine of spot-news journalism.” (
* Politico’s European plans are “much bigger than anyone is thinking,” says CEO Jim VandeHei. (
* Chuck Todd‘s “Meet the Press” debut is a ratings winner. (
* How the late Bruce Morton saved one journalist from making a career-killing mistake. (
* The managing editor of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly is nominated by Gov. Deval Patrick for a district court bench seat. (
* Hector Tobar leaves the Los Angeles Times to teach at the University of Oregon. (
* Meet the new paywall giant. (