Morning Report for September 9, 2014

* Could TMZ win a Pulitzer for its Ray Rice coverage? “Why not?” writes a veteran Pulitzer-watcher. (Joe Strupp) | No surprise that an “outsider” like TMZ posted the video. ( | “Fox & Friends” spends 13 seconds addressing yesterday’s “take the stairs!” comment. (
* Richard Prince: “Few in the mainstream media are rushing to embrace TMZ’s newsgathering tactics.” (
sun* Front page of today’s Baltimore Sun. (
* NPR Standards and Practices editor: “Let’s keep this simple. There’s nothing vague about the word ‘confirm.'” (
* New York Times Baghdad bureau chief Tim Arango did a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) yesterday. (
* We have a winner! Millionaire Arianna Huffington convinces the public to give her $40,000. (Actually, her goal was exceeded.) (
* Ad in the Minneapolis Star Tribune: Won’t somebody please buy the St. Paul Pioneer Press? (
* Did any Penn State students make their 8:00 classes this morning? (@Will_Bunch)
* Scott Pelley: News viewers need a trusted source that will tell them “if what they heard today [on the Internet] was true.” (
* New York Times unveils its “revolutionary college index.” ( | US News releases its college rankings, with Princeton in the top spot. ( | Claim: The rankings are terrible for students. (
* “Why am I doing this?” asks new daytime chat host Meredith Vieira. “What was I thinking?” ( | Lloyd Grove‘s verdict: “All in all, a jam-packed, fun-filled, tear-streaked debut.” (
* Vanity Fair insists that editor Graydon Carter “has absolutely no plans to retire.” (
* David Krajicek: “Ferguson affirmed Twitter’s position as the piston that drives the engine of spot-news journalism.” (
* Politico’s European plans are “much bigger than anyone is thinking,” says CEO Jim VandeHei. (
* Chuck Todd‘s “Meet the Press” debut is a ratings winner. (
* How the late Bruce Morton saved one journalist from making a career-killing mistake. (
* The managing editor of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly is nominated by Gov. Deval Patrick for a district court bench seat. (
* Hector Tobar leaves the Los Angeles Times to teach at the University of Oregon. (
* Meet the new paywall giant. (