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A Newsweek writer read and responded to every PR email for one week

What Zach Schonfeld did:

Inspired by New York magazine’s “I Talked to Strangers for a Week, and It Did Not Go Well,” I set about engaging with the digital strangers who pop into my inbox every workday. In brief: I replied to every PR email I received for an entire week, regardless of the subject matter or sender.

* “This is an account of the hellish week that ensued” (

Credit: @dodai on Instagram

Credit: @dodai on Instagram

“Westboro Baptist Church is protesting Gawker today – like four people – we have about 60 on the street staring at them.” – @dodai on Instagram

* The Huffington Post love-bombs Westboro protesters (@HuffPostPol) | (

“Don’t know if you get these [White House pool reports], but this one is particularly funny,” writes the person who sent the email below (with his boldface). “These guys are way beyond bitter.”

From: Tom Brune
Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2014 11:03 AM
Subject: White House print pool report #1, 9/10/14

At just before 11 a.m. a press aide brought the pool to the windows outside the Oval Office to peek inside and take photos. The photo spray lasted 10 seconds. The viewing by print and wires another 10. obama

We saw the president sitting at his desk holding the telephone to his left ear with his left hand. He appeared to be talking. Aides sat on couches. They are identified below. There was no interaction between press and president.

On background from the White House:

The President speaks with His Majesty King Abdallah Abd al Aziz of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A formal readout will be provided later today.

Present during the call:

Susan Rice, National Security Advisor
Lisa Monaco, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism
Philip Gordon, Special Assistant to the President and White House Coordinator for the Middle East, North Africa, and Gulf Region
Elisa Catalano, Director for Gulf States

Tom Brune
Washington Bureau

* Jason Snell: “Unfortunately many of my colleagues lost their jobs today” (

* Update: Read tweets about today’s Macworld layoffs (

* Update 2: Executive editor Dan Miller says Macworld will now be online only (


Millennials think more of journalists than Boomers and Matures

A recently conducted Harris Poll finds that the top ten occupations seen as prestigious are doctors (88% giving it that classification); military officers (78%); firefighters (76%); scientists (76%); nurses (70%); engineers (69%); police officers (66%); priests/ministers/clergy (62%); architects (62%); and athletes (60%).

Journalists are 18 on the list, just above accountant and – ouch! – below members of Congress. (Real estate agents are dead last.)

* The most prestigious occupations, according to a Harris Poll (

In June of 2013, the University of Richmond profiled Carlo Dellaverson, a Class of 2006 journalism grad who went on to work at CNBC and NBC News.

Carlo Dellaverson (credit: New York Post)

Carlo Dellaverson (credit: New York Post)

The university’s story noted that Dellaverson “has to be on top of breaking news [and] makes sure NBC breaks news as it happens, whether it’s on social media or ‘old-fashioned’ breaking news email alerts.”

You have to credit the University of Richmond for also being on top of the news and quickly deleting its Dellaverson profile when it was reported that he had secretly recorded a bedroom romp and posted the video to a porn site without his girlfriend’s knowledge. (She’s now his ex.)

Cynthia Price, the university’s director of media and public relations, says the article was pulled on Tuesday after her office got word about the j-school grad’s legal troubles.

* NBC producer busted for making sex tape with unknowing girlfriend (
* June 2013: Richmond journalism graduate works for NBC News (
* “Article not found” (
* Earlier: Dellaverson’s apartment hunt is written up in the New York Times (

“God hates Gawker,” according to a Westboro Baptist Church press release announcing plans to picket Gawker headquarters from 3:15 to 3:45 this afternoon. They “roll out scores of blogs daily, full of mocking, irreverent, vulgar, base, worthless bilge … and lack the sense to think about eternity, and have an awful end coming.”

Here’s the editorial director’s how-to-behave memo to Gawker staff:

From: Joel Johnson
Date: Wed, Sep 10, 2014 at 8:58 AM
Subject: WBC
To: [Gawker staff]

bagsThe Westboro Baptist Church may protest in front of 210 [Elizabeth St.] today for a few hours. Whether they speak from a place of genuine concern about society or just really love to trawl for lawsuit opportunities, we will comport ourselves with the may-careness and loving kindness that both the devil and Christ would ask of us. No yelling, definitely no touching, and lots of smiles and compassion for people who must truly be scared and miserable.

Also, if they arrive by today, Jane-Claire grabbed a few commemorative totes [at right] that will be awarded for good behavior.

* Westboro Baptist Church has some hurtful words for Gawker (
* Huffington Post is ready for Westboro Baptist Church, too (@noahmichelson)

* The 66-year-old data strategist behind U.S. News and World Report’s college rankings says “I personally don’t feel any superpowers,” but “I’m aware it’s a heavy responsibility. … We’re like the 800-pound gorilla of higher education.” (
* A freelancer explains how she writes up to 30 pieces a week. “I treat freelance writing like a full-time job,” says Nicole Dieker. (
* “Silicon Valley is much thinner-skinned than Wall Street,” says New York magazine’s Kevin Roose. “You write something mildly negative about a tech company, and suddenly your emails aren’t getting returned.” ( thursday
* Unfortunately it’s only Wednesday, Star-Ledger. (
* “The only publications I can find that really called out the bogus [“inventor of email”] claims were Mashable… and Gawker.” (
* New York Times correction: Dick Cheney was vice president, not president. “Easy mistake to make,” notes Dan Froomkin. (@froomkin)
* Jim Brady‘s hires its first reporter. Anna Orso, a former Penn State Daily Collegian editor, comes from the Patriot-News. (
* “The art of writing a headline … has been on the decline since the rise of Twitter and Facebook.” (
* Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times – once fierce rivals – are considering working together more closely. (
tivo* You’re trying too hard, Tivo. (Its new $5,000 box has enough disk space to record over 26,000 hours of video.) (
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* A federal judge refuses to throw out a lawsuit seeking to undo the Salt Lake Tribune-Deseret News deal. (
* Why cable news loves freak shows and horror. (
* University of Wisconsin’s Badger Herald – launched 45 years ago as a conservative alternative to the Daily Cardinal – got some help from Reader’s Digest. (
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