University of Richmond scrubs profile of j-school alum charged with sex tape upload

In June of 2013, the University of Richmond profiled Carlo Dellaverson, a Class of 2006 journalism grad who went on to work at CNBC and NBC News.

Carlo Dellaverson (credit: New York Post)

Carlo Dellaverson (credit: New York Post)

The university’s story noted that Dellaverson “has to be on top of breaking news [and] makes sure NBC breaks news as it happens, whether it’s on social media or ‘old-fashioned’ breaking news email alerts.”

You have to credit the University of Richmond for also being on top of the news and quickly deleting its Dellaverson profile when it was reported that he had secretly recorded a bedroom romp and posted the video to a porn site without his girlfriend’s knowledge. (She’s now his ex.)

Cynthia Price, the university’s director of media and public relations, says the article was pulled on Tuesday after her office got word about the j-school grad’s legal troubles.

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