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Digital First Media CEO John Paton told his employees this morning that “after a rocky five years, the newspaper industry is firmly back on its feet again.”

It is? Then why did Paton’s York (PA) Daily Record shut off power during work hours on Wednesday to save money?

Here’s the memo to employees from a Daily Record boss:

Hey folks,

As some companies do, the York Newspaper Co. has agreed to a voluntary brief power outage this week in order to save money on our electric bill.

This will occur at 2:15 p.m. Wednesday and end at 4 p.m.

The backup generator will kick in, allowing us to use computers in the newsroom and most other machinery. But the lights will be dim and the air conditioning will not work.

I strongly urge everyone who can work remotely to do so. This is a perfect time for some mojo reporting.

Those who need to stay in the office might want to set up shop in the conference room, as we can flood that room with natural light.

With a little bit of planning, this should be a non-event for a newsroom such as ours. We have a great back-up power source, lots of experience dealing with such things, and a room full of smart innovators.

Thanks for your flexibility.

There are many congratulations for Amy Haneline in the replies – but there’s at least one raised eyebrow, too: “So IndyStar cuts back education coverage and adds a reporter to the beer, wine and coffee beat? Congrats!”

* Excited to announce my new job at @indystar…” (@AmyBHaneline)

Some of the other new Indy Star beats include: Indiana Pop Culture; Wellness Culture; Fighting for You (consumer advocate); Going Places; and Law & Order.

Read the 10-page “internal use only” Indianapolis Newsroom Beats memo.

Shippensburg University student Sarah Eyd writes of her Redbook summer internship:

The perks were amazing. The amount of freebies I accumulated over the summer borders on hoarding.haul When a company sends an item to be included in a photo shoot they almost always want it returned. If they don’t want it, we can keep it. I took home designer lamps, side tables, and rugs, all with a combined retail value probably worth more than my car.

What freebies did you get when you interned? Let us know in comments or send me an email and I’ll post for you. (Here are comments from my Facebook friends and subscribers.)

By the way, I asked the intern if she was paid by Redbook, and how she got her stash back to campus.

Update – Eyd writes in an email: “The internship was unpaid (Hearst is one of the last magazine companies that still doesn’t pay interns). But … they did pay for shipping. Since all the items I got – including a 5×7 rug – were shipped to us from PR agencies, we were expecting to return them anyways. Since certain companies didn’t want the items back Redbook paid to have them shipped to my home in PA, since the money was allotted anyways.”

She adds: “[The internship] was 40 hours a week, M-F 10 am 6 pm. Though it was unpaid I did win a $1200 “Trust Fund” from the website I found my internship on.”

* I interned at Redbook magazine in New York City (

The publisher of the Denver Post, San Jose Mercury News, St. Paul Pioneer Press and other newspapers says it’s hired UBS Securities to “evaluate and consider strategic alternatives,” including sellingdecide all of Digital First Media, just some of its newspapers or doing nothing.

In a statement the company said there are no assurances that the process will result in a transaction or transactions or on the timing of any decisions. The company also said that it will not disclose developments in the process until the board decides how it will proceed.

Digital First is controlled by hedge fund Alden Global Capital.

Earlier this week, the Newspaper Guild asked “local, community-minded” types to consider buying the Digital First newspaper in their area.

* Digital First Media will consider sale (

Update: Paton’s memo to employees is after the jump. Read More

The Houston Chronicle’s Alison Cook received the Best Restaurant Criticism award at last night’s Association of Food Journalists awards dinner.ribbon The Best Newspaper Food Coverage prize for large-circulation papers went to the Tampa Bay Times. (The San Antonio Express-News and Raleigh News & Observer also won the award in their circulation categories.)

Steve Hoffman of the Minneapolis Star Tribune won for Best Food Essay.’s Food for Thought was named Best Food Blog, while the Best Food Column award went to Kathleen Purvis of the Charlotte Observer.

* 2014 Association of Food Journalists contest winners (

UPDATE: Digital First Media will “evaluate and consider strategic alternatives” that could lead to the sale of all or some of its newspapers.
* Denver Post, San Jose Mercury News and other Digital First Media papers officially on the block today? That’s what I’m hearing. There’s a conference call with management of local papers scheduled for late this morning. Watch for a company announcement after that. I’ve sent DFM chief exec John Paton a DM on Twitter and an email about this report, but haven’t received a response yet. | Earlier: Newspaper Guild seeks new owners for Digital First papers.
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