[UPDATED] Your internship perks? Tell us all about them

Shippensburg University student Sarah Eyd writes of her Redbook summer internship:

The perks were amazing. The amount of freebies I accumulated over the summer borders on hoarding.haul When a company sends an item to be included in a photo shoot they almost always want it returned. If they don’t want it, we can keep it. I took home designer lamps, side tables, and rugs, all with a combined retail value probably worth more than my car.

What freebies did you get when you interned? Let us know in comments or send me an email and I’ll post for you. (Here are comments from my Facebook friends and subscribers.)

By the way, I asked the intern if she was paid by Redbook, and how she got her stash back to campus.

Update – Eyd writes in an email: “The internship was unpaid (Hearst is one of the last magazine companies that still doesn’t pay interns). But … they did pay for shipping. Since all the items I got – including a 5×7 rug – were shipped to us from PR agencies, we were expecting to return them anyways. Since certain companies didn’t want the items back Redbook paid to have them shipped to my home in PA, since the money was allotted anyways.”

She adds: “[The internship] was 40 hours a week, M-F 10 am 6 pm. Though it was unpaid I did win a $1200 “Trust Fund” from the website I found my internship on.”

* I interned at Redbook magazine in New York City (theslateonline.com)