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Memo to the Oregonian staff from editor Mark Katches:

Hi all,

I’m in New York until Friday but I couldn’t be more excited to share news with you that I hope underscores our commitment to high-impact journalism and great story-telling.

Les Zaitz will be returning to the newsroom to be our managing producer for watchdog journalism. Les has reported for more than 40 years. Along the way, he’s won a Polk award and has been a two-time Pulitzer finalist. He will oversee a group of watchdog reporters and will also work with reporters and managing producers around the room to spread a watchdog culture and make sure that we are positioned to produce more and better investigative journalism inside our main newsroom and in our bureaus. Les, a native Oregonian, currently lives on his ranch near John Day. He will be spending four days in the newsroom each week. Bruce Hammond, who has ably served as our investigative editor, will slide over to a managing producer role overseeing a brand new team of standout reporters. You’ll hear more details about that very soon./CONTINUES Read More

From July:

From this afternoon:

I was told by the mayor’s press office that the event wasn’t on Emanuel’s schedule, but ASNE president David Boardman said, according to Joe Strupp’s tweet, that “he dropped a virtual F Bomb on us.”


Hi Jim,

Below is the email I just sent John [Kass]. The Mayor never canceled because he was never confirmed to attend. Let me know if you need anything else.

Kelley Quinn
Director of Communications
City of Chicago
Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Hi John,

It’s very irresponsible that you didn’t confirm or connect with me before communicating to a group of journalists that the Mayor had stood them up. You know how to get a hold of me. Mayor Emanuel was never confirmed to attend or speak at this event. Back in June, the office said it could not commit that far out, and then, via e-mail, declined on behalf of the Mayor. We declined to an editor at the Tribune who said she would let the editors’ organization know that he could not attend.

* July 15: Rahm Emanuel is expected to welcome ASNE-APME attendees (
* Kass: Do I tell the editors about Mayor Antoinette? (@John_Kass)

A study by University of Houston professor and former newspaper journalist Arthur Santana finds that people remember more news when they read it in print.paper “In essence, print newspapers are a more effective medium than online newspapers at spurring recollection,” he says.

In his test…

Participants were not told that their ability to recall news stories would be tested. One group read the print edition of The New York Times while the other group read the same day’s online version.

After 20 minutes of reading, participants were asked to note the headlines, general topics and main points of as many stories as they could remember. Print readers remembered an average of 4.24 news stories while online readers recalled an average of 3.35 stories, according to the research.

Read the University of Houston’s press release on the study after the jump. Read More

Double Shot, the Boston Globe’s new all-things-java site, launched this morning with stories about presidents and coffee; Michael Dukakis’s caffeine routine; a British coffee chain’s Boston arrival; a coffee cake recipe; and more.
Matt Viser, who edits the site, tells Romenesko readers: “The idea really emerged out of a story I did earlier this year about Dunkin Donuts finding a new market in South Korea. I had also written about coffee on the campaign trail. These were too infrequent to be considered any type of side beat. Just the occasional story to satisfy my love of the brew.”

Globe editor Brian McGrory – knowing Viser’s love for coffee – asked the reporter to consider adding a coffee blog to his duties.

“For me, this is a side thing,” says Viser. “My day job is still covering national politics and the White House, and that won’t change. But in my spare hours – fueled by a little more caffeine – I’m excited to try and build a place for coffee lovers. …

Matt Viser

Matt Viser

“This also comes at a time when the paper has been experimenting quite a bit and trying some new, different and – as a journalist who works here, exciting – verticals (this coffee blog is not nearly on the same scale, but the paper also just launched a site dedicated to Catholicism, called Crux). McGrory has encouraged a lot of this experimentation and efforts to reaching into potentially new areas of coverage and potentially find new audiences.”

He adds: “There’s a loyal readership – and some pretty loyal coffee drinkers – in New England. But the blog will also hopefully have a broader reach, covering what’s going on in the industry as a whole (from home brewing to coffee shops).”

* Double Shot: Coffee features, tastes tests, industry news (

There are ten units on my Evanston condo floor. The 80ish woman and her 50ish daughter across from me get the Chicago Tribune, the 75-year-old guy down the hall gets the Wall Street Journal, and that’s it. I get my papers via the PressReader app.

* The newspaper count from my Facebook friends and subscribers (

No rush, really: “The Union Army officer killed at the Battle of Gettysburg is not receiving the Medal of Honor at Monday’s White House ceremony, but instead will receive it at a later date.”

Date: 9/15/2014 9:58 AM
Slug: AP-US–Obama-Medal of Honor,ADVISORY
Headline: BC-US–Obama-Medal of Honor,ADVISORY, US
Source: AP

AP-US–Obama-Medal of Honor,ADVISORY/65
BC-US–Obama-Medal of Honor,ADVISORY, US


Please note that the latest version of BC-US–Obama-Medal of Honor makes an important correction. The Union Army officer killed at the Battle of Gettysburg is not receiving the Medal of Honor at Monday’s White House ceremony, but instead will receive it at a later date. President Barack Obama is bestowing the medal Monday on two Vietnam War veterans.

The AP

* Vietnam soldiers to receive Medal of Honor (AP via

* Indianapolis Star is moving into a former Nordstrom store in a mall. (
* Carol Rosenberg: “I was still taken aback, horrified, sickened, recently when our social media czar assigned me me to ‘tweet quotes’ from the funeral of Steven Sotloff.” (She did it, though.) (
* NPR’s live events – two dozen are planned so far – will “create something entirely new in terms of the storytelling” while maintaining the network’s “journalistic rigor.” (
anon* Dumb: A “well-placed media source” tells the New York Post what everyone knows – but insists on anonymity? (@romenesko)
* Meghan Daum talks about her New York Times Magazine cover story on Lena Dunham. ( | Too bad she wasn’t asked about WaPo’s Gatsby or Dunham? quiz. (
* President Obama met with over a dozen prominent journalists before giving his ISIS speech. (
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* Pulitzer-winning editorial cartoonist Tony Auth dies at 72. ( | Tributes from colleagues: (
* Author and investigative reporter Bill Dedman leaves NBC News for Newsday. (
* Boston magazine retracts its high school rankings and pulls the list off its website. (
* To pretend that Reddit is somehow better than BuzzFeed “is insanity.” (
* Milwaukee Journal Sentinel outs the source used by Legal Newswire for its Scott Walker/”vindictive D.A.” story. (
* National Magazine Awards judge: “In journalism contests, there often is an inverse relationship between stories that readers will want to read and stories that win awards.” (
* A new Al Jazeera app targets younger viewers. The mostly video content “is both short and shareable.” (
* Financial Times launches what it calls a “refreshed newspaper.” (
* “I’m not saying nude running is for everybody,” says a Raleigh News & Observer reporter who ran a naked 5K race over the weekend. (