Boston Globe launches a coffee website

Double Shot, the Boston Globe’s new all-things-java site, launched this morning with stories about presidents and coffee; Michael Dukakis’s caffeine routine; a British coffee chain’s Boston arrival; a coffee cake recipe; and more.
Matt Viser, who edits the site, tells Romenesko readers: “The idea really emerged out of a story I did earlier this year about Dunkin Donuts finding a new market in South Korea. I had also written about coffee on the campaign trail. These were too infrequent to be considered any type of side beat. Just the occasional story to satisfy my love of the brew.”

Globe editor Brian McGrory – knowing Viser’s love for coffee – asked the reporter to consider adding a coffee blog to his duties.

“For me, this is a side thing,” says Viser. “My day job is still covering national politics and the White House, and that won’t change. But in my spare hours – fueled by a little more caffeine – I’m excited to try and build a place for coffee lovers. …

Matt Viser

Matt Viser

“This also comes at a time when the paper has been experimenting quite a bit and trying some new, different and – as a journalist who works here, exciting – verticals (this coffee blog is not nearly on the same scale, but the paper also just launched a site dedicated to Catholicism, called Crux). McGrory has encouraged a lot of this experimentation and efforts to reaching into potentially new areas of coverage and potentially find new audiences.”

He adds: “There’s a loyal readership – and some pretty loyal coffee drinkers – in New England. But the blog will also hopefully have a broader reach, covering what’s going on in the industry as a whole (from home brewing to coffee shops).”

* Double Shot: Coffee features, tastes tests, industry news (