[UPDATED] Mayor Rahm Emanuel is a no-show at today’s ASNE-APME conference in Chicago

From July:

From this afternoon:

I was told by the mayor’s press office that the event wasn’t on Emanuel’s schedule, but ASNE president David Boardman said, according to Joe Strupp’s tweet, that “he dropped a virtual F Bomb on us.”


Hi Jim,

Below is the email I just sent John [Kass]. The Mayor never canceled because he was never confirmed to attend. Let me know if you need anything else.

Kelley Quinn
Director of Communications
City of Chicago
Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Hi John,

It’s very irresponsible that you didn’t confirm or connect with me before communicating to a group of journalists that the Mayor had stood them up. You know how to get a hold of me. Mayor Emanuel was never confirmed to attend or speak at this event. Back in June, the office said it could not commit that far out, and then, via e-mail, declined on behalf of the Mayor. We declined to an editor at the Tribune who said she would let the editors’ organization know that he could not attend.

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