Morning Report for September 15, 2014

* Indianapolis Star is moving into a former Nordstrom store in a mall. (
* Carol Rosenberg: “I was still taken aback, horrified, sickened, recently when our social media czar assigned me me to ‘tweet quotes’ from the funeral of Steven Sotloff.” (She did it, though.) (
* NPR’s live events – two dozen are planned so far – will “create something entirely new in terms of the storytelling” while maintaining the network’s “journalistic rigor.” (
anon* Dumb: A “well-placed media source” tells the New York Post what everyone knows – but insists on anonymity? (@romenesko)
* Meghan Daum talks about her New York Times Magazine cover story on Lena Dunham. ( | Too bad she wasn’t asked about WaPo’s Gatsby or Dunham? quiz. (
* President Obama met with over a dozen prominent journalists before giving his ISIS speech. (
* A newspaper reporter wonders if she’ll regret jumping to PR; no, say my Facebook friends and subscribers. (
* Pulitzer-winning editorial cartoonist Tony Auth dies at 72. ( | Tributes from colleagues: (
* Author and investigative reporter Bill Dedman leaves NBC News for Newsday. (
* Boston magazine retracts its high school rankings and pulls the list off its website. (
* To pretend that Reddit is somehow better than BuzzFeed “is insanity.” (
* Milwaukee Journal Sentinel outs the source used by Legal Newswire for its Scott Walker/”vindictive D.A.” story. (
* National Magazine Awards judge: “In journalism contests, there often is an inverse relationship between stories that readers will want to read and stories that win awards.” (
* A new Al Jazeera app targets younger viewers. The mostly video content “is both short and shareable.” (
* Financial Times launches what it calls a “refreshed newspaper.” (
* “I’m not saying nude running is for everybody,” says a Raleigh News & Observer reporter who ran a naked 5K race over the weekend. (