Morning Report for September 16, 2014

* “My biggest concern is how to cover the world right now when it’s really dangerous,” says New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet. “That’s the thing that keeps me most awake at night.” (
* Wal-Mart spokesman David Tovar, who got some attention in June for marking up a New York Times editorial with “editor’s notes,” resigns over a puffed-up resume. (
* “The new kid at work is making us a pie!” (@kimseverson)
* The editor of an Iowa newspaper is fired after writing a column critical of Ferguson police. His boss claims there were other reasons for the dismissal. (
* “Our ambition is to be the Amazon of our news environment,” says Minneapolis Star Tribune’s publisher. (
* Denver Post hires a former CBS affiliate news anchor to run its TV unit. (
* BuzzFeed reporter on the Ray Rice video: “I find it condescending that a news organization wouldn’t post something because they thought it was too graphic. …I’m glad I work at a place where we err on the side of exposure and honesty rather than concealing.” (
* Anti-dog magazine Poop & Pooches is a hit in Germany. (
* A college newspaper moves to Medium. (
* Joe Pompeo on gay media pioneers, with a mention of “closeted conservative firebrand Matt Drudge.” (
* Obsessed? Fox News has aired nearly 1,100 segments on the Benghazi attacks in the first 20 months after those attacks. ( | (
* New York Times columnist David Brooks sells his home for $4.495 million in just 48 hours. (
* @PFTCommenter is “a parodic manifestation of the worst impulses of hype and inhumanity that surround the National Football League.” (
* The NLRB – ruling on a 2003 labor dispute – tells CNN to rehire 100 employees and pay 200 others. (
* Ogden (UT) Standard-Examiner is scolded: “Your paper placed me right back there, in the 1st grade as the new kid in a new school with one hand, being gawked at, jeered, at, and pointed at.” (
* Peter Canellos steps down as Boston Globe editorial page editor. (* Report: The Washington Post editorial board refused to sit down with marijuana legalization initiative proponents before writing this editorial. (
* San Francisco Chronicle’s 1949 Royal typewriter is now on Twitter as @NewsTypewriter. (