Letter to Romenesko: My Joan Rivers doc photo went viral, but I’m not getting credit for it

Letter to Romenesko
From BOB ROZYCKI, managing editor, Westchester County Business Journal: I was wondering if you could get a discussion going about “is everything fair game” today in regard to usage of published photos. Here’s the deal:

I photographed Dr. Gwen Korovin last fall for an article for WAG magazine, an upscale leisure book that covers Westchester County in New York and Fairfield County in Connecticut. After TMZ broke the story that she was the alleged doctor who did the biopsy on Joan Rivers my photo went basically viral without credit. It just says [the photo came] from her Facebook page.

Here’s a link to our online story and one of the other photos I took.

My daughter started a crusade on my behalf via Twitter and got a couple sites to give me credit: Examiner.com and The Wrap.