Morning Report for September 18, 2014

* New York Times masthead changes are coming. (
* Susan Glasser is promoted to editor at Politico. “A year in, I’m even more bullish on Politico and its future,” she tells her staff. ( | (
* Iran says it’s interrogating Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian. (
wedding* New York Police Department commanders are advised not to use military time in their tweets; animal rescues are good to share with followers, they’re told. (
* Of course they did; the Internet is cruel: “I wrote about marriage and all anyone noticed is that I’m fat.” (
* Alabama Gas Corporation takes legal action to stop the Montgomery Advertiser from publishing information it got through a public records request. (
* “A bizarre blockade on press freedom” in the Olympic wilderness. (
* Washington Post’s new The Optimist email newsletter focuses on stories of hope and “pluck.” (
* Departing columnist: “I knew it was time for me to go when I started calling it the ‘newspaper business’ instead of the ‘newspaper game.'” (
forbes* Michael Wolff on the fall of the Forbes family. (Malcolm at left) (
* David Gregory on Washington dysfunction and laziness in the media. (
* Huh?! Parade – so thin that you couldn’t find it buried between the Sunday paper coupons – had 85 employees? The magazine ran one feature a week, usually done by a freelancer. What did these people do? (
* Advice for laid-off journalists from an editor/columnist who was “unceremoniously dismissed” from USA Today” in 2009. (
* New York Times celebrates 163 years. (A fire extinguisher with that birthday cake, please.) (@NYTArchives)
* The Daily Mail has to do a better job with corrections, says the Guardian’s media blogger. (