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A reader points out that the university employees who are getting raises aren’t tied to the journalism school, but these heds show how the institution has no problem opening its wallet for bigwigs – at a time it’s making deans scramble to find funds to run their schools.

* Board of Regents approves pay increases for chancellor, executives (
* Journalism school may raise costs by more than $10,000 (
* An open letter to UC Berkeley’s j-school dean from Brad King (

Update: Dean Edward Wasserman’s response to King is after the jump. Read More

From Bangor Daily News blogger Alex Steed’s post:

A Bangor Daily News blogger’s campaign trail video featuring Maine gubernatorial candidate Mike Michaud includes a song titled “The King of Maine,” with lyrics that include: “I’m the King of Maine, I’m the King of Maine, I’ve got Susan Collins giving everyone brain.”

Susan Collins is a Republican U.S. Senator, and “giving everyone brain” is performing oral sex.

Update – News & Audience Director Anthony Ronzio sends this statement:

Alex Steed is an independent writer with an established blog on He created the video through his own production company, Knack Factory, and distributed it on the Internet, including by embedding it into his BDN blog. When the substance of the lyrics in the video was brought to our attention on Friday morning by the Michaud campaign, it was decided with Alex to remove his post and for Alex to address the concerns raised about his video, which he has done.

* Video of Maine gubernatorial candidate creates political firestorm (
* “We certainly didn’t mean to offend Sen. Collins with this line” (
* “On the Road with Mike Michaud” ( | @AlexSteed


“It is not clear what caused the vehicle to crash into the building,” reports a Philly TV station. I’m guessing it was the cops’ hankering for doughnuts.

* Police car crashes into a Dunkin’ Donuts store (@FromCarl)
* Earlier: What started the cops-love-doughnuts stereotype? (

* New York Times is “home to some of the most quirky and golden names in American journalism.” (
* “If you survived high school, you can survive Twitter,” says Jack Shafer. “Just remember to wear some light armor.” (
* Time Inc. contract talks break down. (
* Roz Chast: “It seems very strange” there aren’t more women on the National Book Award nonfiction longlist. (
* How Gene Weingarten got the ad department to withdraw its proposal for a nothing-but-swimming pools issue of Miami Herald’s Sunday magazine: He said the main story would be about drownings. (
* New York Times to Turkish authorities and media: Stop the campaign against our reporter in Turkey. ( | (
* AFP will no longer send reporters to rebel-held territories in Syria. (
* Tech enthusiast Robert Scoble visits Samsung on “Apple Day” and points out: “I never was derided for pulling out my iPhone and shooting photos.” (
* “I’m completely unashamed in the respect that I’m a reader pleaser,” says Harper’s Bazaar editor Glenda Bailey.spy “I’m all about the reader.” (
* How Dig Boston got its story about the city’s secret surveillance program. (
* Facebook tweaks its news feed formula after stumbling on the Ferguson story. (
* A judge blocks the Montgomery Advertiser from publishing a utility’s gas line safety plans, which the paper got via an open records request. (AP via
* A Chicago press critic refuses to sign an anti-Rush Limbaugh petition. “The Democratic Party shouldn’t be in the business of trying to shut people up,” writes Michael Miner. (