[UPDATED] Bangor Daily News pulls blog with embedded video that refers to senator and oral sex

From Bangor Daily News blogger Alex Steed’s post:

A Bangor Daily News blogger’s campaign trail video featuring Maine gubernatorial candidate Mike Michaud includes a song titled “The King of Maine,” with lyrics that include: “I’m the King of Maine, I’m the King of Maine, I’ve got Susan Collins giving everyone brain.”

Susan Collins is a Republican U.S. Senator, and “giving everyone brain” is performing oral sex.

Update – News & Audience Director Anthony Ronzio sends this statement:

Alex Steed is an independent writer with an established blog on bangordailynews.com. He created the video through his own production company, Knack Factory, and distributed it on the Internet, including by embedding it into his BDN blog. When the substance of the lyrics in the video was brought to our attention on Friday morning by the Michaud campaign, it was decided with Alex to remove his post and for Alex to address the concerns raised about his video, which he has done.

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