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Washington Post, September 20

Washington Post, September 20

* Letter: Rape jokes do not belong in the comics (
* “One of the best Guardian letters I’ve ever read” (@aljwhite) | (

Update: Read the discussion about comics on my Facebook wall (

* Huffington Post uses an image that accuses the site of photo theft, then takes the photo down after it’s tweeted. (@jamesrbuk)
* Is Aaron Kushner about to kill the Los Angeles Register? ( | (
* A San Diego philanthropist is setting up a nonprofit outfit to take over U-T San Diego – and owner Doug Manchester approves. (
* New York Times Magazine’s Gary Hart piece “reminds us that we shouldn’t necessarily trust our own memories.” (
* Brian Williams clears Chris Christie prematurely. “The [bridge scandal] investigation is continuing.” ( | (
* David Rose: “You can have a terrible editorial product, and you can sell the magazine as long as the business makeup is sound. Shelves at supermarkets are evidence of that.” (
* Better disclosures, please, New York Times. (
* A big week for former Macworld editorial boss Jason Snell. (
* You’re so mean, “Daily Show”! (
* How “Typewriter Bend” on Highland Road got its name. (
* Wall Street Journal explainers explained. (
* Meet Katherine Cooper, Playboy’s new advice columnist. (
* Nick Anderson is a Pulitzer-winning editorial cartoonist and a “hottest bachelor. (