Internet History Podcast recalls New York Times and other media going online in 1990s

@Times on AOL in 1994:

- New York Times on AOL

– New York Times on AOL

From Brian McCullough’s 90-minute episode, titled “Wired, CNet, Salon and Suck – More Early Web Media”:

The New York Times experimented with an online service known as Pulse in the late 1980s, but truly entered the digital era in June of 1994 with its presence on AOL called @times.

Like so many others, the Times got its feet wet via a partnership with an online service, but the partnership was limited because for contractual reasons – something to do with a LexisNexis contract – the Times could largely only publish content related to arts and entertainment, not actually breaking news.

The New York Times first experimented with the web in October 1995, with a special report about Pope John Paul II’s visit to New York City. When the Times went fully onto the web it went full bore, when in the evening of January 19, 1996, at – the exact same URL it has today – the New York Times published the full content of the next morning’s paper in full.

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