Morning Report for September 22, 2014

-'s front page this morning

–’s front page this morning

* “Hit Man of the Year” ad and a police-killer story. (
* Des Moines Register is one of the first U.S. newspapers “to leap headfirst into the strange, alien world of virtual reality.” (
* New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet loves a “big, juicy piece that gets the attention of the whole world the next day.” (
* Times memo: Don’t drink the water! (
* New York taxpayers paid for Super Bowl reporters’ food, drink and entertainment. (
* The new Billy Penn news site is criticized for this passage: “You know the story: Boy meets girl, boy takes girl back to his office at 10 pm for a job interview (!), girl files rape charges.” (@taramurtha)
* Veteran blogger Barry Ritholtz points out: “Mainstream media ignored blogs, occasionally stole from, then adopted the format wholesale.” (
* Matt Bai couldn’t put the Gary Hart downfall story out of his mind. (
* St. Louis Police Academy offers a “highly entertaining” media training course that focuses on the Ferguson shooting. (
* Onion-inspired! “Editor Misreads Press Release, Thinks He Won MacArthur Genius Grant” (
* Washington Post media blogger Erik Wemple: “I do a lot [of posts] on Fox News. They cannot be ignored. … But nobody really cares [when I write] about print newspapers and print media. … Crickets.” (
* The Religion Newswriters Association names its contest winners. (
* New York Times correction: Anonymous did not protest against the Church of Scientology for the killing of Michael Brown. (@KateReports)
* Why you shouldn’t hang “Dilbert” cartoons in your cubicle. (
* Newspaper reporter is #5 on the “Will Your Job Kill You?” list. (
* Newspaper bylaws from September 22, 1876. (