Morning Report for September 23, 2014

* Hinting at a presidential run, Bill? (@CBSThisMorning) | (
* Even Wall Street Journal’s doing quizzes now. Which dot drawing are you? it asks. (
* How U-T San Diego would run as a nonprofit. (“Instead of [profits] going to the owner for the investment, we will, in effect, reinvest it into the community.”) (
* Report: There had been bias complaints about Alaska TV reporter Charlo Green‘s pot coverage. “Rumors of her involvement in a pot business had circulated before Sunday night” when she quit on air. (
* NPR ombudsman: “Listeners have found no major problems with the [radio network’s Ferguson] coverage.” ( | …but they’re complaining about “begs the question.”
* New York Times launches “Watching,” described by the paper as “a stream of developing and noteworthy news designed to amplify the scope and urgency of The Times’s digital report.” (
* Dave Winer: “Why should an online news site be organized the same way a print home page is? It shouldn’t.” (
* Tribune Media CEO Peter Liguori was paid nearly $8.8 million last year. (
* Eric Deggans says “too many…parts of [Alessandra Stanley‘s Shonda Rhimes] piece read like backhanded compliments couched in racially clumsy language.” (
swear* Angry publisher of weekly papers in Queens asks cop: “Do you know who the fuck I am?” (I’m guessing he didn’t.) ( | “I’m going to have your job,” she warned. (
* Atlantic Media’s will be folded into (
* Gannett’s Des Moines Register tells readers about its “newsroom of the future” plans, which include making staffers reapply for jobs. (
* NBC’s “Nightly News” is still the most-watched evening newscast, but ABC’s “World News Tonight” wins with younger viewers. (