Afternoon Report for September 25, 2014

“HuffPo combo uh-oh,” writes John Kroll, who sends this image
* C’mon, Sy! Seymour Hersh is interviewed on camera for about 15 minutes, then announces that everything he said is off the record. (
* NPR ombudsman: We can’t pretend that beheadings will stop if we no longer use that word on the air. (
* “I’m not particularly sympathetic to newspapers and their plight, because yes, it’s been really hard and all that, but it’s not like you couldn’t see this coming,” says founder Jim Brady. (
* A Fox News talker makes a “boobs on the ground” crack about a female fighter pilot. ( | (
* This “objective news site” is brought you – created, actually – by Chevron. (
* Lots of support for suspended ESPN star Bill Simmons. ( | “Simmons is a prime example of the journalist-as-brand.” (
* David Letterman‘s sister Gretchen is in today’s group of Tampa Bay Times staffers taking buyouts. (
* More ink for Chicago Tribune crime reporter Peter Nickeas. ( | Earlier: (
* A busy day for Carrie Johnson, the NPR reporter who broke the Eric Holder resignation story. (
* Starkly different explanations for the “bizarre” press restrictions at Olympic National Park. (