Morning Report for September 25, 2014

* New York Times Magazine is slowly getting the Jake Silverstein touch. The final installments of “The One-Page Magazine” and “Who Made That” appear on Sunday. (
* National Geographic Way: The magazine steals your art, then puts its lawyers to work. (
* [Right] A bad situation for “Jersey Shore” star The Situation: “Another winner, @NYDailyNews print team.” (I’m told Matt Pabreza came up with the hed.) (@rshields37) | Why do so many reality TV stars have money problems? (
* Re Bill Simmons: “Someone familiar with ESPN’s management’s thinking said the combination of the nature of the personal attack on [Roger] Goodell and the challenge to his bosses were the key elements in the decision and the length of the suspension.” ( | Listen to Simmons’ remarks. (
* Iran’s president won’t speed up the legal case against detained Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian. (
* An autopsy is conducted on Atlantic Media’s The Wire. (
* NPR pulls the plug on science blog Krulwich Wonders. “It needs to cut costs and — you know the phrase — it has chosen to go ‘in new directions,'” writes Robert Krulwich. (
* The Forbes contributor who wrote “Drunk Female Guests Are the Gravest Threat To Fraternities” – the piece was quickly pulled – says “I stand by every word I wrote.” (
* Of course the Cuddlr app is creepy. (
* The should-journalists-learn-how-to-code? debate continues. (
* Follow today’s #ONA14 happenings in Chicago. ( | You can watch them, too. ( | Eric Holder resigns just as #ONA14 gets started. (@GlennOstenA)
* Report: Home design/D.I.Y. bloggers are suffering burnout. “It consumes your life and sucks the joy out if it,” says the editor of Retro Renovation blog. (
* JOBS: KTOO in Juneau, Alaska, is looking for a news director. (Romenesko Jobs)
* Amtrak Residency winner Jen Carlson: “It will be nice to mix in the writing with some quality ‘staring out the window’ time.” (
* “We’re running against the tide,” says Orange County Register owner Aaron Kushner, “but we’re certainly going to keep running.” (
* goes long on Eagles coach Chip Kelly. (
* Make sure that subscription renewal notice is legit. Someone’s sending bogus notices to Raleigh newspaper subscribers. (