Morning Report for September 26, 2014

* Actually, we need more to watch this guy: “We’ve frankly got enough psychologists and sociologists and political science majors and journalists,” says North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory. “With all due respect to journalism, we’ve got enough. We have way too many.” ( | Earlier: McCrory says his policies are “too complex” for reporters to understand. (
* ESPN ombudsman Robert Lipsyte says Bill Simmons deserved to be suspended. “What makes him always think something’s right just because he thinks it is?” he writes. (
* ESPN tells its on-air talent not to discuss the Simmons suspension. (
* Josh Levin on Simmons: “If he wants to be able to say whatever he wants, in whatever medium he wants, then he’s going to have to start his own company.” (
* [Right] Nick Cotsonika: “Wrote this purple prose in 1999. Funny to read after Jeter’s hit last night. I was young then. Man, I feel old now.” (@cotsonika)
* Fox News host Eric Bolling apologizes for his “boobs on the ground” remark after getting “the look” from his wife when he got home. (
* PBS cancels its Harper’s advertising over October’s “PBS Self-Destructs” piece. (
* “I would die happy if I had written this lede.” (@elizmccracken)
* The New School teams with the Knight Foundation for a new “human centered journalism” program. (@jcstearns) | (
* Washington Post, September 23: The Post cuts its 401(k) contribution. ( | The Post, September 26: “What should you do when your 401(k) match is terrible.” (
* PolitiFact’s ruling on Ted Nugent is questioned. (
* John Oliver, investigative journalist. (AP via
* Claim: A new film will vindicate former San Jose Mercury News investigative reporter Gary Webb. (
* “Police do not need social media presences.” (