Evening Report for October 2, 2014

This went up at the Houston Chronicle two days after National Coffee Day
Update — Dwight Silverman writes on my Facebook wall: “I work in the Houston Chronicle newsroom. This has a silver lining. The coffee service was Folgers. It was swill. Now, people are bringing in decent coffee to drink. Morale is up. Typos are fewer. Our writing has new energy. We aren’t sure we want our coffee budget renewed in 2015, because the Folgers will return. Oh, the humanity.” | Update 2: Some Folgers has been found at the Chronicle.
* No more coffee money at the Houston Chronicle. (houstonpress.com) | Snark from Facebook: (facebook.com)
* Earlier: GateHouse newspapers cancel their coffee service. (jimromenesko.com)
* Secret Service employees “trusted the Washington Post more than they trusted their headquarters’ leadership,” says the Post’s Carol Leonnig. (huffingtonpost.com)
* Washington Post staffers protest cuts in retirement benefits. One of their chants: “Race to the top, not the bottom, is this the Washington Post or Walmart?” (washingtoncitypaper.com)
* Cornell tells the Ithaca Voice it’s not welcome at a press conference announcing the new university president. ithacavoice.com) | (facebook.com)
* Vice writers have to get management OK before writing about brands. (gawker.com)
* Dallas Morning News had seven staff reporters working on page one ebola stories. (newseum.org)
* Elizabeth Spiers‘ advice for job-hunting young journalists. (elizabethspiers.com)
* Colorado “is still as good a place as there is to cover politics at the state level,” says a Denver reporter. (cjr.org)
* Mobile Press-Register is threatened with fines over unwanted lawn throws. (lagniappemobile.com)
* A “newspaper delivered by radio” from 1948. (nytimes.com/Insider subscribers only)