Morning Report for October 2, 2014

* “Journalists are honest,” says Jerry Springer. “They don’t lie, but they certainly don’t tell the truth, because they don’t know the truth.” (
* BuzzFeed is praised for its diversity disclosure. “BuzzFeed’s ethnicity needs some work, but they admitted that,” says a former NABJ chair. (
* Whet Moser: “The role of the Internet in the decline of newspapers is probably exaggerated.” (
* While U.S. newspapers have been cutting jobs – 20,000 lost in seven years – the New York Times has been adding staff, notes Ken Doctor. (
* Times staffer: “I don’t pick up an atmosphere of despair” because of the buyouts announcement. (
* ABC News exec Jonathan Greenberger‘s advice for those who want to work in TV news. (
* How newspapers in Hong Kong and China are covering the protests. (
* Why didn’t the Obama watermelon cartoon raise any eyebrows at the Boston Herald? (
* Inc. editor Jim Ledbetter is “an ideas machine” and “a fun gossip.” (
* Megan Garber on selfies: “We’ve simply accepted them as ubiquities. We’ve given in, basically.” (
* Egypt confiscates every copy of one of the country’s largest newspapers. (
books* Washington Post gets 150 books a day from publishers hoping their authors will get reviewed. (
* New York Post settles with the two men on its Boston Marathon “Bag Men” cover. (
* East Carolina University student editor receives death threats after an anonymous commenter asks why there isn’t a White Student Union. (