Journalists get the ugliest letters

Earlier this week, Green Bay Press-Gazette’s Amy Bailey wrote about being at a Packers-game party and hearing someone mention “a big ol’ n—- pile” on the field. She told Press-Gazette readers:

AIbEiAIAAABDCPLg5L6J2taORyILdmNhcmRfcGhvdG8qKDAyOGNkNDg3Yzc1NmNmNTUzMzE5ZGRmNGE0MDYyN2MwZjUxMWQzMzcwAZdtLi8vT_9cK2x7uO8_l3tOEWrRI wasn’t in my own house and this wasn’t my guest, but I wasn’t going to not say anything. My response was not at all articulate; it was something along the lines of “That is totally inappropriate. You can’t say that.”

Bailey (above) tells Romenesko readers: “As journalists, we expect to receive feedback from readers, especially on a topic like racism, but I’ll admit, I was not expecting this. I was SHOCKED to see the letter writer neither signed his name nor listed a return address on the envelope.” An excerpt from the two-page letter (links to it are below):


* Amy Bailey: Racial slur can’t go unchallenged (
* Read the first page of the letter to Bailey | The second page (Google Drive)

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