[UPDATED] Reporter tweets personal information of woman who accused NFL player of assault

Update: “We have taken the address down from Twitter,” says KIRO 7’s news director. [Actually, reporter Amy Clancy’s tweet has been deleted; I’ve posted a screenshot.] “We understand the concerns it raised and appreciate the feedback.”


Letter to Romenesko
From A SEATTLE JOURNALIST: The Bellevue (Washington) Police Department said Thursday evening that [Seattle Seahawks running back] Marshawn Lynch had been cleared of all assault allegations and that they were recommending charges be filed against the woman accused of making the allegations. A KIRO7 reporter tweeted the first page of a probable-cause statement with the caption “Wanna know WHO accused Marshawn Lynch of assault?”

The documents are public record, but I found this troubling. Her name, address and phone number are now out there to the thousands of Seahawks fans. And she hasn’t been charged with a crime. I’m wondering what your readers might think.

Please post in comments or send me an email and I’ll post if you don’t use Facebook. I’ve invited Clancy to respond.

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