Morning Report for October 6, 2014

* Toronto Sun parent Quebecor sells 175 newspapers to National Post owner Postmedia for $316 million. ( | (
* A Montana editor is arrested by a state trooper for taking pictures at an accident scene. His wife-reporter took the photo on the right. (
* So far this year, 113 print magazines launched in U.S. and Canada, while 57 folded. (
* Restaurant owners refuse to take money from Dallas Morning News critic Leslie Brenner, who dined at their place. “Things got ugly.” ( | Brenner explains what happened: (
* Former Boston Globe editorial page editor Peter Canellos is named Politico executive editor. (
* More praise for the “new” Washington Post. (
* Jeff Zucker says “we’re doing some things that antagonize people who are so protective of the legacy of CNN, [but] we have to change.” (
* Digiday calls LinkedIn’s Dan Roth “the most powerful man in business journalism.” (
* Bloomberg Politics launches. “The most different looking homepage since Verge launch,” says Rafat Ali. (
* California Sunday Magazine launches. (
bios* Reports from journalist-profiler NewsBios may include “information that reflects on the journalist’s character and proclivities.” (
* Matt DeRienzo , who took a Digital First Media buyout, “reportedly approached the company about removing his [editor] position rather than further eliminating reporter positions.” (
* PBS pulling its ads from Harper’s after the magazine ran a critical essay was a “symbolic punishment,” says the publisher. (
* The homes of eccentric magazine publisher Felix Dennis, who died in June. (
* Gawker’s Nick Denton: “I’m glad I’ve been gossiped about. It’s liberating. I have nothing to fear anymore.” (