Morning Report for October 7, 2014

* With a “60 Minutes” crew filming, New York Times reporter James Risen tells a Colby College audience: “I think Obama hates the press. I think he doesn’t like the press and he hates leaks.” (
* The Secret Service now says it was a mistake to ask news outlets about their photographers’ race. (
dean* Dean Baquet (left): “Each generation of journalists seems so certain they know what it takes to be a journalist.” (
* Michael Grunwald quits Time and joins Politico. (
* Will Apple be the first to come up with a flexible, self-updating e-paper? (
* Employees in 18 Turner Broadcasting System locations will lose their jobs. Nearly 1,500 people – 10% of the workforce – will be cut. ( | (
* Scripps College rescinds its speaking invitation to George Will. “They didn’t say that the [sexual assault] column was the reason, but it was the reason,” he says. (
* A new Washington Post app is coming to Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet. “It’s the first sign that [Jeff] Bezos will create ties between the newspaper and the e-commerce giant he started 20 years ago.” (
* Men’s Health is blasted for an “ignorant” and “misogynistic” tweet about women and sports. (
* Los Angeles Times to Orange County Register: We want the $3.5 million you owe us. (
* “The ideal sweet spot for people’s web attention span is about the length of a prototypical newspaper article,” writes Lucia Moses. (
* Longtime Science contributor takes a leave to protest staffers’ dismissals. (
* A big traffic boost for after its redesign. (
npr* David Folkenflik explains the dismissal of NPR digital strategist Kinsey Wilson. ( | “He was, in the end, unable to find a way to gather the system and the organization around his vision.” (@MxPf)
* A lot of bald heads in the Denver Post newsroom. “You didn’t have to do that,” says their colleague undergoing cancer treatment. (
* Dave Winer celebrates twenty years of blogging. “A lot has happened in this time. I’ve accomplished most of what I set out to, and that’s something I’m grateful for.” (
* Peter Sandman: “Ebola has all the hallmarks of a scary disease. It is novel, dramatic, horrifying, potentially catastrophic. It’s perfect for horror movies; why wouldn’t it be perfect for news stories?” (
* Bill O’Reilly‘s “#1 in name-calling,” Brian Stelter tweets after being attacked by the Fox News host. (@brianstelter)
* Charleston Daily Mail editor shares his photo-removal demand with readers. (