Morning Report for October 8, 2014

* Frank Deford: “Will female sports fans listen to female sports announcers even if they won’t watch female athletes?” (
* Sorority sisters are accused of trashing Elmhurst College newspapers (right) that had a story about their hazing. ( | Photo: ( | Sorority investigated: (
* ABC’s “World News Tonight” team celebrates a win over “NBC Nightly News.” (
* Journalists on their lives after taking a New York Times buyout. “Vibrant and scary, risky and rewarding,” says Joe Sexton. (
* Newspapers prefer running photos of women to go with their same-sex marriage stories. (
* Newsweek’s owner says the magazine is profitable. (
*’s Gregg Doyel is named Indianapolis Star sports columnist. (
* New York Times beefs up its environmental reporting team. (
* “Go write your book,” Ryan White was advised after being laid off from the Oregonian last year. He did, and “Springsteen: Album by Album” was just published. (
* Don’t drink before covering meetings! (
* Goofy from the sun, Florida officials? They want $132,348 to handle a public records request. (
* Piers Morgan: The hottest cable stars “speak their minds in an entertaining way.” (But that didn’t work for you?) (
* You won’t find many MarketWatch stories over 400 words. (
* The Gary Webb story “stands as a reminder of what real shoe-leather reporting can do. But also why good journalism needs to be supported and defended.” (Joe Strupp)
* Miami Herald’s Gary Hart reporting defended. (
* Alexis Madrigal quits the for cable network Fusion. “There was nowhere else I could expand my vision of the future,” he says. ( | (@alexmadrigal)
* RIP Michael Harris, who “was often physically expelled from sessions that were supposedly open, sometimes under threat of violence.” (
snacks* Free snacks for Politico staffers! (
* Travel + Leisure editor-in-chief Nathan Lump pink-slips five, including the web editor. (
* You know someone like this: “[He] never met a deadline he couldn’t miss.” (
* Greta Van Susteren has a bowling trophy from 7th grade – as every good Wisconsinite should. (
* Keith K. Kelly previews Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit, an “eclectic two-day gathering.” (