Final issue of The Magazine comes out in December

Glenn Fleishman launched a Kickstarter campaign today for The Magazine’s second anthology, magazine and announced that the final issue of The Magazine will be published in December.

The sad truth has been that, while profitable from week one, the publication has had a declining subscription base since February 2013. It started at such a high level that we could handle a decline for a long time, but despite every effort — including our first-year anthology crowdfunded a bit under a year ago — we couldn’t replace departing subscribers with new ones fast enough.

We’re a general-interest magazine that appeals to people who like technology, and that makes it very hard to market.

Fleishman adds on Twitter: “Part of the reason for ceasing publication is because of the huge growth in long-form publishing elsewhere. The Magazine didn’t *cause* it. But, really, there’s so much more good long-form non-fiction to read (and often free via ad support) than two years ago. …I have a huge number of projects, some underway, some about to launch. Life is complicated and fantastic, honestly. Change not failure.”

* The Magazine is coming out with a book – and shutting down (