No need to wait until next Sunday for the Dallas Morning News ‘big announcement’

- Ad in last Sunday's Dallas Morning News

– Ad in last Sunday’s Dallas Morning News

Romenesko reader Jonathan Cannon writes: “This full page ad was in Sunday’s DMN. I haven’t seen anything else but the DMN already uses NYT wire service. I’m hoping it’s an agreement similar to the one the DMN has with The Washington Post and not just a crossword or something like that. Any info you have or can get would be appreciated. I’m very curious and would like to not have to wait until the 19th to find out.”

No need to wait, Jonathan.

Times spokesperson Linda Zebian writes in an email: “Referring you to this piece from Ken Doctor, which includes statements from Jim Moroney, the publisher and CEO of the The Dallas Morning News:

Jim Moroney, Dallas Morning News publisher and CEO, sees a similar opportunity. He plans to start selling the special Times section to his Sunday subscribers this fall, after completing talks with the Times. After a four-week sampling period. The Morning News would charge $1.99 a week for the section, sharing revenue, as does the Toronto Star, with the Times. The Times is calling the program its Opt-In Model. Expect more dailies to talk to the Times about the program as well, as the company decides how and how much to expand the model in the U.S.

* Update: Dallas Morning News to distribute NYT’s International Weekly (

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