No plans for The New Yorker to go biweekly

A few things New Yorker editor David Remnick told WWD:
On changing the publication schedule: “I think the combination of a weekly print magazine and a daily Web site is perfect for us now. I think if you go to a biweekly, you lose your seat at the table of what’s going on in the world a little bit.
On media “brands”: “The only reason the word ‘brand; gets a little tiresome is that something that is complex and wonderful and deep begins to sound like a can of tomato soup. I recoil at that, but I’m used to it.” newyorker
On social media: “I don’t have a Twitter account, [but] not because I’m a dinosaur about it. I have enough of a platform here. … I’ve used it in my reporting. It’s very useful. Instagram — yeah, it’s fun, but Facebook, no, [just] here and there.”
On Time Inc. making its editors work on advertising content: “Call Time Inc. That’s not what I got into journalism to do. I got in journalism for any number of reasons, not least because it’s so much fun.”
On Anna Wintour being named Conde Nast artistic director: My relationship with Anna is very good and even close. She has been nothing but supportive of what we do.”
About HBO’s “Girls”: “Yeah, I like that a lot. I think what resonates about her [Lena Dunham] is the sort of absolute nakedness, literal and figurative. And the business of a person writing about a more selfish and immature and more unselfaware version of herself is very interesting.”

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