Morning Report for October 13, 2014

* Bill O’Reilly‘s ego doesn’t fit on this page. (“When I go on Letterman or I go on the morning shows, bill their ratings go up. That’s why they have me on.”) (
* The transcript of last night’s “60 Minutes” piece on New York Times reporter James Risen: (
* James Surowiecki: “At the moment, Netflix can do no wrong. Practically everything the company does is being treated as radical and, of course, ‘hugely disruptive.'” (
* Book publishers find success with YouTube stars. One store owner says: “I’m happy to sell six to 12 copies of a best-selling novel in a month. But when a YouTube star comes in, we sell hundreds in a few hours.” (
* Praise for New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan. (
* Roger Ailes had long thought about a Fox News show with four women versus one guy. The result: “Outnumbered.”
* Will Bunch: “NBC’s talks with Jon Stewart seem like a bizarre plea for help.” (
* Time Inc. employees reject the company’s final contract offer. (
* Noted: It’s the ten-year anniversary of New York Sun declaring that Gawker may have jumped the shark. ( (
* One reason MSNBC’s ratings are sinking: “The network doesn’t surprise you.” (
* Washington Post’s providing software and technology to college papers. (
* Excerpts from a 40-year-old Washingtonian profile of Ben Bradlee: (
* WWD needs a stronger point of view, says new owner Jay Penske. (
* Dave Nuttycombe predicts what Washington Post readers will complain about on the next “Free For All” page. (
* The Advocate and Sun Herald “will partner by sharing reporting and photography and cooperating on stories that impact both Louisiana and Mississippi, including hurricanes.” (
* Students’ comments on are cruel and unfair – but helpful, says one prof. (
* Take the Kansas City Star’s “Newspaper of the Future” survey and you might win a $50 QuikTrip gift card. (