Morning Report for October 14, 2014

* Former Harrah’s exec Richard Mirman replaces Aaron Kushner as Orange County Register publisher. ( | “Looks like newspaper investor coup,” tweets the paper’s former travel editor. (@thegarywarner)
times* Susan Glasser: “That narrative [that Politico is a ‘boy’s club’] has no truth to it,” but “journalism writ large has a ‘boy’s club’ problem.” (
* What happened here, New York Times? (Right: Front page, below-the-fold story in today’s Times.) (@dgelles) | The Gannett jokes follow. (@mbrumble)
* No “Redskins” ban at NPR. Staffers are told: “The team’s name is the name and our job is to report on the world as it is, not to take a position or become part of the story.” (
* “The Guardian has been dragging its feet on the pursuit of NSA-related stories while keeping the [New York] Times on a short leash.” (
* HBO refuses to say it has a “news unit”; it prefers to say it has a “non-fiction area.” (
* BuzzFeed’s “secret weapon” is promoted to publisher. (
* John Henry: “I prefer to think that I have joined the [Boston] Globe, not purchased it.” ( | via @dankennedy_nu
* Meet Gannett’s interactive applications group. (
* I’d love to be listening in on NBC’s PR department meetings today. (
* Comic books are still a guy thing: “Female characters make up only 30.9% of the DC universe and 30.6% of the Marvel universe.” (
* Not your mother’s – or Helen Gurley Brown‘s – Cosmo. (
* Denver alt-weekly Westword gets a kick out of Miley Cyrus‘s cover spoof. (westword)
* A story you’ve probably never pitched: The secret emotional lives of punctuation marks. (
* Eleanor Clift on Jan Hooks: “She picked up on mannerisms I didn’t even know I had.” (
* McClatchy’s Raleigh News & Observer moves local and business news into the A section. (“Merging our two news sections into one during the week will enable us to better manage our space.”) (