Tennessean editor: We’re using reporters from other Gannett papers during restructuring

A Romenesko reader writes: “Have you heard anything about significant departures at the Tennessean? Freep reporters are telling folks that Nashville is seeking temps from Detroit and perhaps other Gannett properties.”

Yes, I have heard that … and I asked Gannett spokesman Jeremy Gaines about the reports. He forwarded my email to Tennessean executive editor Stefanie Murray, and she replied (with my boldface):

When we announced our newsroom restructuring at The Tennessean in August, we knew there would be a massive change in beats, reporting structure and workflow, all geared toward creating a more dynamic, responsive newsroom of the future – today. We are currently about two months in to our restructuring and have about another month to go.
As I said in a column a couple weeks ago, it’s an emotional, hopeful and scary time for the staff. Change is not easy!

We do have several open jobs at this moment as folks come and go, and that’s been apparent by the 20+ job postings that have been on the Gannett careers website for the past month. We’ve been able to make several local hires, but for others, it takes time for folks to give two weeks notice, move their family to Nashville, etc. We are leaning on our sister Gannett publications to send us a few reporters to help out while some of our new hires relocate to Nashville. And we are very thankful for that support! They’ll be with us for the next two weeks, and all are excited to visit Nashville and help us out.

I do want to be clear that we are not using any temps.