‘Correspondent’ is misspelled on Indiana University Media School’s Ernie Pyle statue

The Indiana University Media School (formerly the School of Journalism) has a new Ernie Pyle bronze sculpture – but with “War Corespondent” on the shoulder patch. PYLE

The Indiana Daily Student reports:

[Sculptor Tuck] Langland said he could … use different punches to mash the area so the misspelling becomes unintelligible.

He added that he could also create a mold of the patch with the correct spelling and cast it in bronze, then grind down the original and weld the new one over the mistake.

A final option would be to cut out the patch with a plasma cutter and weld a new patch in its place. However, he said this method would most likely be more work than it’s worth.

“Someone screwed up,” says a group that wanted Indiana University to name its journalism school after the war correspondent. “Northwestern and Columbia will joke about this.”

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