Morning Report for October 15, 2014

- image via Susan Haas

– image via Susan Haas

“Shocktoberfest,” Ebola – You’re scaring us above-the-fold, Reading Eagle
* Ebola Deeply website launches. (
* James Risen tells Terry Gross: “I’ve had a lot of time to think about [the possibility of going to prison]. It’s just now part of the background noise in my life.” (
* San Francisco Bay Guardian’s owners “have told us that if we can find a buyer, the Guardian can be sold,” says editor Steven T. Jones. “For the members of our community that want to own a progressive newspaper at fire sale prices, contact us.” ( | Check out the last issue under the current owners: ( | Joe Strupp‘s tribute. (
* Bill Simmons, who returns to ESPN today after a three-week suspension, “is furious and has been talking a lot about whether ESPN is still the right place for him.” (NYT via | What Simmons did during his suspension: (
* White House correspondents are using Google Groups to distribute pool reports without Obama press office interference. (
* Oh, great: “Although we’re still two years out from the presidential race, there’s more coverage this time around than in previous election cycles.” (
* An Indianapolis TV crew is carjacked while covering a prayer vigil. (
* Los Angeles Times sues the Orange County Register. “The Register has repeatedly broken its promises and breached its agreements,” the suit says.
* The Register’s investors are moving ex-publisher Aaron Kushner to the back of the bus. ( (
pin* Among women, Pinterest is more popular than Twitter. (
* Ezra Klein on Vox’s new email newsletter: “I don’t care if it drives traffic back to the site. I care if the people who read it feel well served by it.” (
* What’s Mark Zuckerberg discussing with Samsung in South Korea? (
* You’ll soon be able to buy HBO shows on the web. (
* Arkansas journalists learn through a Google News Alert that their newspaper building is for sale. (