New York WABC7 reporter says she was ‘bullied’ over her scavenger hunt report

huntKristin Thorne of New York’s ABC7 News did a story Tuesday about a high school scavenger hunt that had “illegal and dangerous” tasks for game participants. (“Steal a mailbox” …”Steal a street sign” …”Lick bathroom floor in applebees”) The kids didn’t care for her report and, Thorne reports, “I got a very good taste of what it’s like to be bullied in high school via social media. …The things they’ve written about me on Twitter are disgusting.”

One teen tweeted: “DM me nudes and I’ll tell you everything.” A tweet from the @SachemSeniors account said: “They want to make reports on the wrong story’s.” Another student: “I don’t think @ABC7 is aware this is just making our senior year better.”

I’ve contacted Thorne for a comment.

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