Note to the AP: John Brady – not Tom – wrote ‘The Craft of Interviewing’


Former Writer’s Digest editor John Brady, whose “The Craft of Interviewing” was first published in 1977, tells Lisa Waananen Jones that he’s mentioned the “Tom Brady” error in the AP’s “The Word” to an “Associated Press Stylebook” editor at least once.

Brady writes:

The error is even more glaring now that there is a wonderful football player named Tom Brady (who is probably asked about his interviewing book in the locker room regularly). Ah, yes. … Isn’t there an old maxim, no such thing as bad publicity, unless they get your name wrong? And here I sit, with a big fat error in the one book you’d think would get it right. Aaaarrrrgghhh.

* It was John Brady who wrote “The Craft of Interviewing” (