eBay vultures profit from alt-weekly’s death

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Bay Guardian staffer Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez tells Romenesko readers: “It’s a shame folks are trying to make a buck off a paper that professed access to all for everything from housing to health care. That said, I’m a bit insulted it wasn’t more! The art alone is freaking gorgeous. Jeremy Fish is a talented and known guy in the art world.”

Update — Editor Steven T. Jones writes: “We know that people quickly snapped up our final issue for a variety of reasons (I still haven’t gotten my hands on one yet). It’s certainly a powerful symbol and collector’s item, in addition to being just a beautifully designed issue. I don’t like the idea of people profiteering off our final free newspaper, but that’s sorta the world we live in now. Greed is squeezing out progressive values, and that makes me and many in my community quite sad.”

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