Morning Report for October 17, 2014

* “One of the greatest challenges we face as an institution,” says New York Times boss Arthur Sulzberger Jr., “is that we must adapt to a dramatically fast-paced changing environment.” (
* “You don’t know where the world’s going to go,” says CBS chief exec Les Moonves. (
* All the media bigs love Jason Hirschhorn. “He’s just super-smart about all things digital,” says Jeffrey Katzenberg. (
* Today’s San Francisco Chronicle page one (
* The hottest magazine covers so far this year. (
* Journalists on the Ebola beat. “AP staffers are having their temperatures monitored through the day,” says spokesman Paul Colford. “They’re avoiding taxi cabs or unknown drivers and carrying bottles of bleach spray to clean their shoes and gear every time before they enter the vehicle arranged for them by the owner of their hotel.” (
* Gary Webb was no journalism hero, says the Washington Post’s investigations editor. (
* New York Times is offering its International Weekly supplement to U.S. publishers. ( | (
* Washington Post has a new national weekly print edition. (
* Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News websites will soon go dark as becomes the papers’ only website. (
* Newsweek’s Jim Impoco: “My friend Michael Wolff called us the poster child of magazine journalism failure. He gave us a year. Yo, Michael, still here!” (
* Norwalk reporter’s crime scene mistake was shouting expletives at a cop. (
* Podcast: How Stephen Colbert gets in character. (
* More newspapers are dropping political endorsements. ( | The Sun-Times finds a way to “endorse” Bruce Rauner for governor. (@RobertFeder)
* The Guardian vs. Whisper, cont’d. (
* IWantMedia founder Patrick Phillips and the people who bought his website four years ago are fighting. (
* Arnie Robbins is stepping down as ASNE executive director. He was named to the post in 2012. (
* Nicholas Lemann joins the Thomson Reuters Founders Share Company board. (