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Listen to Abramson’s chat with David Carr

* Read more tweets from tonight’s WBUR Fast Forward event (#wburff) | The preview (

On the day that Gannett announced strong third quarter results, CEO Gracia Martore told employees that they’d be getting December 26 off with pay.

“Without your hard work, this company would not be in the terrific condition it is today,” she writes in a letter to staff.images-1 “Because of this, I want to give everyone [the] special holiday surprise.”

The past three years have been fast-paced and exceptional as we continue to transform the company’s business and chart a new course. Without your hard work, this company would not be in the terrific condition it is today.

Employees who have to work the day after Christmas – a Friday – to keep operations running will get another day off with pay before year’s end.

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From the G8 Summit … not #pumpkinfest

The photo that many people are retweeting – thinking it was taken during the weekend Pumpkin Festival mayhem in New Hampshire – was actually shot by Ian Waldie during the 2003 G8 Summit protests in Geneva.

* Lacoste. Looting. The color of privilege is blinding. #pumpkinfest (@deray)
* Lacoste. Looting … that actually happened in 2003 in Switzerland (

nbcJournalists at Gannett’s newspapers aren’t the only ones reapplying for their jobs these days. I’m told that all seven producers in the NBC News London bureau have to reapply for “newly defined positions” — a process that’s “in the early stages.” No comment, says an NBC News spokesperson.

Do you know more about this? Please let me know. I’ll protect you, of course.

“Our mission is to report news differently than you’re used to seeing,” says the Central Connecticut Post’s mission statement. This unusual editor’s note on a Saturday post shows that it’s mission accomplished for the website:

Quick Note: The Central Post is an informational gathering media outlet rather Journalistic story tellers [sic].conn When we receive press releases or thoughts from our readers we mostly post them unedited. During election season we receive numerous releases from various candidates and their supporters. Regarding the 31st State Senatorial District race, we are receiving a healthy amount of information only from Rob Michalik.

In an effort to be fair and balanced you can get more information about Michalik’s opponent Henri Martin by going to his website or this post on our site. Thank you.

* Senate candidate tours small businesses (


From the Detroit Free Press:

* Burlesque artist Roxi D’Lite talks about Theatre Bizarre (freep)

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“She’s not letting me do my job.”
* [Above] A tense local TV-news moment at the Keene Pumpkin Festival. Watch the organizer threaten to “pull the plug” on the reporter: ( | Video without an ad (
* Chicago Sun-Times editor says GOP camp’s claims about the paper’s political reporter “were inaccurate and defamatory.” ( | The Sun-Times is back to endorsing candidates. (
* “In order to redeem journalism fully as an institution, both a financial recovery and an ethical recovery must take place,” writes Kristi Culpepper. (
* Google’s search engine favors the websites of print publications. (Dead Tree Edition)
* Aaron Kushner: “I do know that the L.A. Times has been spreading rumors about us to try and hurt [Orange County Register’s] business.” A Times spokesman denies that. (
* A good third quarter for Gannett. (
* CNN withdraws its support of the National Association of Black Journalists over a statement issued by the organization. ( | (
* Newhouse School dean defends the decision to disinvite Washington Post photojournalist Michel du Cille. ( | What the students could have learned from his talk. (
* Yale Daily News is blasted for giving Parkinson’s sufferers a false sense of hope. (
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* Bleacher Report tries to shed its content farm reputation. “There’s still a ton of work to be done,” says the sports site’s founder. (
* The scientists of Reddit launch AskScience Quarterly. (
* An endorsement do-over on the Oregonian editorial page. (
* The AP’s $10,000 Gramling Award winners are named. (
erin* Erin Pettigrew (left) goes from a Gawker intern to business development veep. (
* Michael Wolff: “Amazon does not care about books, a minor part of its business.” ( | Paul Krugman on Amazon. (
* Virginian-Pilot newsroom will shrink by nearly one-quarter by the end of the year. (
* “Social activist” Monica Lewinsky‘s on Twitter – and she’s verified! (@MonicaLewinsky)
* “We’re dedicating our December issue to the topic of race in America,” says Ebony editor-in-chief Mitzi Miller. (
* Longtime ABC News spokesman Jeffrey Schneider is starting his own PR firm. (